To book a make-up, follow these steps in the Parent Portal:

  1. On the left, choose the Find a Class tab.

  2. Filter through to find your desired class. Remember to choose your child's age and class level.

  3. Hit Enroll.

  4. Choose your student.

  5. Make the start and drop dates both match the date of the make up class.

  6. IMPORTANT: Choose Make UP as enrollment type; leaving this as Active will add the class to your account and will begin billing you monthly for it. 

  7. Hit Continue.

  8. Choose your form of payment. If you have chosen a make up, it will show a zero balance and not charge anything. Our system will still require that a method of payment is on file to verify that you are an actively enrolled family. 

  9. Submit and swim!

Double check that you chose Make UP and have pressed Submit to get to your confirmation page. We'll see you soon!