Platypup Swim Babies: For Children Under Age 2

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Platypup Swim Babies are smart babies learning about their world through movement and experience. They become safer around water and grow up loving to swim. This class is for 3-23 month olds and their parents or caregiver, if your child is 2 or older please visit our levels page. All Platypups will need a disposable swim diaper AND a reusable swim diaper. Class is held once a week for 30 minutes.

Lessons are $66 per Month

Your baby was born with billions of neurons and will need to connect them, grow, and learn through movement. Bring your baby to our warm, 92° water for an immersive learning experience.

What are the advantages? Are there any risks?

There are no risks when you are with our PROfessionally trained and educated teachers. Through the United States Swim School Association’s guidelines, we are here to safely teach your child and educate you on safer swimming and healthy development.

The advantages are endless:

  • Meet other parents
  • Bond with skin-to-skin contact as you hold and teach your baby
  • Guarantee 30 minutes of exercise and tummy-time for you and your baby
  • Babies get 30 minutes of movement in a freeing, low-gravity environment unlike any other
  • See your baby move and swim independently before he/she can sit, crawl, or walk
  • The cross-patterning movements we practice are known to prepare children for reading
  • Babies will grow up loving the water and never remembering a time when they did not know how to swim
  • So many more! Your Swim Babies teacher will “swim” you through each exercise and its advantages every week.


What will you teach my baby?

Your baby was born with a swimming reflex, which allows him to hold his breath and move his arms and legs in a freestyle motion automatically. That reflex should naturally leave around four months old, but we are here to turn those skills into learned responses. Platypup classes focus on:

  • Complete Water Comfort
  • Breath Control
  • Cue Recognition for Safe Communication
  • Cross-Patterning Movements for Physical Development
  • Cause/ Effect and Logical Consequences for Safety and Environment Recognition
  • Problem Solving Skills for Safety and Cognitive Development
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Fine & Gross Motor Development
  • Socialization, Trust, & Bonding with you, the teacher, and other babies
  • Back Floats & Rolling Over to take a breath
  • How to Recognize and Swim to a Safe Spot in a Pool
  • Increasing Confidence, Curiosity, and Safety for a Healthy, Safer Child
  • And having a great time with you and your baby!


What is class like?

Platypup Swim Babies is a 30-minute class held once a week for you and your littlest one. You will enter the pool with your baby and hold him/her throughout most of the class. A PROfessional teacher will guide you through multiple exercises and will take turns with your baby for partner exercises, to increase comfort, or to educate you on how to better teach your child a skill.

Class will always start and end the same way for consistency and pattern recognition. However, the exercises will change each week for variety and to find out what your child likes best. We will use industry-recognized learning tools, songs, games and toys, and, most of all, praise, to increase your child’s comfort, enjoyment, and skills each week.


What if my baby doesn’t like the water?

Our goal is to start lessons early enough that a fear of water does not set in; however, some babies develop a sensory aversion to it early on. Since getting wet is unavoidable in life, we most strongly encourage these families to stick with lessons. It will be challenging at first, but we guarantee your complete satisfaction when bath time is no longer a struggle. Your teacher will work with you to find what makes your baby anxious, what your baby enjoys, and will give you tips on what you can do at home to find comfort as soon as possible. We are in this for you and will be excited with you when we see your child get upset because class is over!


Our teachers look forward to getting to know you and your baby and helping you both PROgress each lesson. We hope you will make this beneficial exercise an important part of your baby’s healthy development.