Team Venom

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Team Venom is the ultimate goal of a PRO Swim Academy student. It is non-competitive with an in-water coach and focuses on teamwork, fitness, and mastering the sport.

Choose Team Venom if… you are new to PSA and have a swim team caliber student who wants twice-a-week practices with an in-water coach who works directly with each swimmer for consistent improvement. All currently enrolled PSA students qualify for Team once they are a PROficient Platypus! Cost is $101 a month for once a week or $138 for twice a week. 

What does Team Venom teach?

  1. Social Skills: child is learning with other children, by watching peers attempt skills and by politely sharing class time and space with them
  2. Increased Teamwork: child is learning what it means to be on a team: respecting a coach, working with teammates, and personal responsibilities
  3. Increased Confidence: child’s comfort level is established enough to grow independence and his/her want to try new things
  4. Increased Perseverance: child is learning to push him/herself to achieve high standard
  5. Increased Safety: child’s understanding of boundaries and safety rules is growing; child is safer with the knowledge of how to tread and increased endurance
  6. Mastering of Strokes: child is perfecting stroke technique
  7. Increasing Speed: child is swimming faster over time
  8. Increased Fitness: child is enjoying exercise and understands the importance of his/her health
  9. Increased Knowledge and Love of the Sport: child learns to identify swimming as a sport, instead of solely a life skill
  10. Preparation for a Lifetime Swimmer: child learns about what he/she wants his/her next step to be


If your swimmer isn't ready for Team Venom yet but wants to be on team, ask about our pre swim team, PrePRO!